What's Life Coaching all about? 

A friend once expressed her skepticism to me about life coaching, because she felt it was "all just talk". She couldn't be more wrong. 

One reason coaching conversations are so powerful is that they bring structure to the process of thinking, planning, deciding and doing. Instead of simply talking about your needs, you are systematically walking through a framework that forces you to clarify objectives, explore new options, make firm decisions and become accountable to act on your choices. That's so much more than just talking. 

A lot of us have gotten advice from others, or think we know what needs to be done. Yet, we're often still stuck in a rut with regard to our problems, or feeling overwhelmed that we can't seem to solve them. That's because the swirling information, conflicting details in your mind, are just that: an info dump. Life coaches break down that mess into a structured, non-judgmental process that helps you attain more clarity and resolution in your life. 


My Coaching Expertise 

I have four years of experience in youth and young adult facilitation, having worked with companies like The Thought Collective and The Inside Space.

I am skilled in social emotional intelligence facilitation and personal development coaching. As a certified Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, I have solid competency in coaching others in communication as well as self-mastery to attain their goals. I am trained as a youth facilitator under The Thought Collective, The Inside Space, and Aspen3 Pte Ltd, and am adroit in identifying verbal, non-verbal and emotional distinctions in people that can change our penalising beliefs about ourselves and others, transform relationships, and change our lives completely for the better.

If you are interested to learn more about yourself, improve your relationships with others, or to better figure out how to achieve your goals, I am well-placed to support you.

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  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) - Approved by the American Board of NLP, USA (2018) 
  • AsiaWorks Basic Training (2015) by AsiaWorks Training
  • Youth facilitator (The Thought Collective, The Inside Space, Aspen3 Pte Ltd)
  • Social Emotional Learning facilitation training by The Thought Collective (2014)

What Others Have Said...

“Kai Ying was very clear and patient during our coaching session. She understood my situation well and was able to let me see the full picture of my conundrum. She did not assert her personal opinion, but rather, she let me see more clearly the choices that I had and let me express my true feelings and thoughts on what I wanted. Now I am clearer on the root cause of the issue that I faced, and am more certain now of what I want to do.”
— Mdm Tan, August 2018
“Kai Ying is a coach I can trust my feelings with. The questions she asks are insightful, allowing me to think about my feelings and problems from a different perspective. She helps me develop actionable plans, where possible, to figure out issues I’m facing.” 
— Poh Jun Liang, August 2018