I grew up in Singapore and graduated from the National University of Singapore, where I studied Linguistics. View my resume here.

I'm especially interested in life coaching and personal development. I support others in gaining self-awareness, improving their interpersonal and communication skills, and in attaining their goals. Click here to find out more about my coaching expertise, and how I can support you in your life journey.

On my blog, I write explore how we can become better versions of ourselves and how we can achieve our goals. I enjoy penning down my thoughts and observations in often unfiltered and unedited prose, or in short story format. Click here to read my posts.

My diverse interests include table tennis, rock climbing, reading, foreign languages, travelling, and watching documentaries, films and plays. I speak English, Mandarin, Indonesian and German fluently. If you would like to converse with me in any of these four languages, do drop me a message.

Also, I have represented Singapore in several regional competitions as a member of the Singapore National Youth Team, and have had a wonderful 16 years of sporting career and experience. Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to hire me as a coach in Singapore, learn some quick tips or tricks, or simply talk about table tennis. 

Under the 'Shot Stories' tab, I explore the synergy between the visual form and the written word as an aspiring photographer. Read photo-story excerpts written by me or my wordsmith friends.